The book has been shortlisted for the UNSEEN Dummy Award 2014 and Self Publish Riga. In the summer of 2015 it was exhibited at Belfast Photo Festival and Benaki Museum in Athens.

Read more on the book in MAGENTA magazine.


   'It Will Surely Be a Good Weather Tomorrow' takes the reader to unique island, where nature, stones and concrete dominate. Close relationship evolved into an intriguing journey, ended up as visual story.
   To be connected to someone and to travel together is like reading the same story twice, in two different ways. To present such story in a book is like reading it in multiple ways - every reader is a new interpretation.
   The book is divided in two parts. Any page can be the beginning or the end. By interaction the reader makes his/her own journey through the visual representation of someone's memory.
   The book reflects how two different people remember the same experience, but not only. It also reflects a relationship itself. Similar to a relationship the story in the book is not fixed. It fluctuates and changes.



Data sheet 
Language: English 
Number of pages: 36+36
Size: 13,3 cm x 16,5 cm 
Edition size: 20
Printing: xerox
Binding: handsewed french link stitch with open spine
All handmade, signed & numbered


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